A retrospective trip, Last walk in Eden unties the themes of life cycles, untamed nature and shared memory.

This visual-musical show will unite the visual story of Sofia Silva’s photobook, along with selected melodies by the musicians Maciej Lyczek (guitar) and Francisco Toral (flute). Contemplating images with music, these artists of international track, propose to take us to a contemplative space, transporting us to our own secret garden, from a time without time, where the beginning, middle and end of our lives are connected.

Maciej Łyczek (Poland) has studied at the University of Music and Dramatic Art in Vienna, as well as in Buenos Aires and Madrid. Francisco Javier Toral Zamorano (Spain) at the Royal Conservatory of Music and member of the symphony orchestra of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Sofia Silva (Argentina) has exhibited both in individual and collective exhibitions in the United States, Argentina, France and Spain.

June 30, 7pm -Sin Tarima- Magdalena 32, Madrid.

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