Through careful attention to aesthetics of geometry and formal clarity, Sofia Silva proposes a review of the suburban American landscape. Her pictures delve into the many ways that globalized architecture influences our experience. Her camera suggests the vision of a world doomed to repetition, revealing itself flat, empty and inert. Frozen time and space, thus reducing to a dehumanized lifestyle. At first glance the photographs distance us emotionally from reality. Cookie-cutter houses, shopping malls, parking lots are subject to rational scrutiny, almost mathematical. By portraying these spaces, volumes and forms of suburban life, the artist seems to invite us to judge them critically, to defamiliarize them. These uninhabited, deserted images remind us of the ability that art has to expose and rethink our immediate surroundings. Silva questions the mentality that lies behind the suburban architectural landscape, making her an interesting chronicler of the modern experience and not just American, but transnational.