A retrospective trip, Last walk in Eden unites the themes of lost loved ones, untamed nature and shared memories.

In Silva’s first photobook, designed by Jaime Narváez and with texts by the British writer Faye Davies, she explores a mother-daughter relationship, life cycles and photographic observation.

An outing in a newly acquired car served as an excuse for a exploratory trip through the Pampas region that would take mother and daughter to the banks of La Plata River to reach an idyllic place. The discovery of the images captured that day served to evoke the lost loved ones and to document, with a chromatic treatment reminiscent to absence, that last walk in Eden.

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Self published – First Edition

Printed in Spain, 2018

ISBN 978-84-09-02359-2

Size: 159 mm x 220 mm / vertical

Pages: 60 – Weight: 195 gr

Languages: Spanish/English