Last walk in Eden
First Edition. Printed in Spain. 2018. ISBN 978-84-09-02359-2

Last walk in Eden tells the story of the artist’s excursion with her mother skirting the coast of the Río de la Plata towards the Samborombón Bay. The walk is playful and symbolic, ending the trip in the place where, years later, it would be the last place her mother walked the day before her death.

When my mother returned to the river that day—the last of her life—time buckled,
making portents and symbols of what had seemed insignificant details. Time tangled,
bringing together her beginning, her middle, and her end.
Did she go back to La Estancia to say goodbye to herself? I’ll never know. But I can be
certain that there she had found her place in the world—and that for me, now, the
world had become timeless.


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